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Ask the Engineer with Matt Agoglia: The Art of Sequencing

Matt Agoglia is a mastering engineer with a deep love for the album format. Talk to him about one of the recent albums he’s mastered — he always seems to have one that he’s particularly excited about — and you’ll pick up on just how keen his attention is to the nuances of the long-player. […]

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Scott Hull on the New Sting Box Set “25 Years”

Scott Hull discusses the mastering of the new Sting box set “25 Years.” “I can tell you that this is not just “louder, brighter” mastering. The set has to communicate the core elements of Sting’s music: the drama, passion, intensity, creativity, whimsy — all of it. Some songs are intended to be big and some are delicate. The box balances that so a listener can put it on and hear the similarity and contrasts of the music through all the permutations of Sting’s career. We took an enormous amount of time to make sure we stayed true to the music while putting it in a new context for today’s listener.”

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MASTERING AN INDIE PROJECT: The Diary of an Obsessive Artist, Part III

Part 3 of Kirsten Thien’s article about the ins and outs of the mastering process from an independent artist’s perspective. In this installment: mastering miracles with Scott Hull.

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