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LAMC: Music Industry Tips #3

Tip #3: The best idea is going to come from a 15-year old. Toy Hernandez, producer for the latest hit machine out of Monterrey, Mexico 3BallMTY (Tribal Monterrey), and Sebastian Krys, producer for La Santa Cecilia, Kinky, Shakira and various other Grammy winning artists, talked about being a producer of a certain age and experience […]

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The Bunker Studio: Williamsburg’s Best-Kept Secret Won’t be Secret for Long

John Davis & Aaron Nevezie, who both produce, engineer and mix, just moved their successful Bunker studio to a new location in Williamsburg. For years they’ve been doing great work at affordable prices; now they’re doing it in a beautiful and fantastic-sounding space.

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Downtown Musicians Come Together for Japan

From John Zorn: We are all overwhelmed by the tragic devastation that has been happening in Japan and want to do what we can to help. Please join us.

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The Making of Ike Sturm’s Jazz Mass: Interviews with Ike Sturm and Randy Merrill

Ike Sturm is a bassist, composer and the Music Director for the Jazz Ministry at Saint Peter’s Church (the “Jazz Church”) here in Manhattan. His remarkable Jazz Mass, a work for voices, strings and jazz ensemble, was commissioned by St. Peter’s, recorded in 2007-08 at Avatar Studios and mastered by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk. For this post, The Masterdisk Record interviewed both Ike and Randy about the making of the album.

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The Masterdisk Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen, NYC

While I’m working on a couple other stories for The Masterdisk Record I thought I’d put up a quick post about Hell’s Kitchen, the neighborhood Masterdisk calls “home”. No, it’s not a very nice name for a neighborhood, but don’t let that fool you — we’re in a pretty cool part of NYC. We’re just a block and a half away from the restaurants and hustle & bustle of the Theater District, and in the other direction we’ve got the Hudson, riverfront parks, and a few… boats.

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