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Masterdisk Launches New Website

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Masterdisk website! New pages and features will be added in the days and weeks ahead, but for now the heart of the website is the engineer profile pages, including selected discographies that allow for listening on Spotify, or linking to iTunes. We hope you enjoy it.

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Randy Merrill on Mastering: Analog or Digital? And Is Bigger Really Better?

Mastering can make a huge difference in the translation, emotional impact, appeal, and competitiveness of your music. Unfortunately, some people just look it as an obligatory expense between the mixing and manufacturing/distribution stages of a music release. But it’s more accurate to think of it as the equivalent of the photo retoucher for a magazine […]

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French Montana at the Top of the Billboard Hip-Hop Chart

So glad to see French Montana’s album “Excuse My French” (Bad Boy/Interscope) at the top of the Billboard “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart this week! Congratulations to French Montana, Bad Boy, and to Mastering Engineer Tony Dawsey and Assistant Mastering Engineer Tim Boyce. Great to see you at the top of charts where you belong, Tony!

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