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What Does Your Music Say?

What does your music “say”? I find it interesting to allow the music to tell me what it needs. Here are a couple ways that I do that. I let the producer or artist describe their thoughts about their record to me. Who was it written for? How was it recorded? What are the ideals, […]

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Ask the Engineer with Scott Hull: What Happened To My Vocal?

Today we’ve got a question from a reader about how her track was affected by mastering (at another facility). Scott Hull answers. Q: I had a song mastered and the vocals seemed to sound harsher, with a loss of ambience. Can this occur from the mastering? – Sherri A: Sherri, thanks for your email. The […]

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Scott Hull on Vinyl, Part Two

How do we listen to CDs and MP3s? We hear them in the car, while jogging, over computer speakers while we blog (as I am now, listening to yesterday’s mastering project, Dave Matthews), and from the tiny little ear buds plugged into our iPhones. How do we listen to records? We take the record out […]

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Scott Hull on Vinyl, Part One

My name is Scott Hull — I’m the owner of Masterdisk studios in NYC. I’ve been mastering records and cutting lacquers since the early 80s. In advance of Record Store Day 2013 I will bring you a series of articles just about vinyl. A new one every week until RSD on Saturday, April 20, 2013. […]

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Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange wins Grammy

Congratulations to Frank Ocean and Island Def Jam for winning the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy for “channel ORANGE!” Special thanks and congratulations to Karen Kwak and Scott Marcus at Island Def Jam. “channel ORANGE” was mastered at Masterdisk by Vlado Meller with Mark Santangelo assisting.

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