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Mastered for iTunes in the News

A flurry of news activity was kicked off last week when Apple announced that they created a new Mastered for iTunes section of the iTunes store.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Medium: Mastering for Vinyl in the Digital Age, Part 1

So I’m sitting down with a client friend today. He has a concept EP that he’s been working on for the past couple of months, but now it’s ready to go. As we sit and chat before the session I figure out he’s looking to do a vinyl as well as digital release. Things just got more interesting for me.

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Masterdisk Parners with PledgeMusic To Make Awesome Stuff

Masterdisk is excited to announce our partnership with the full-service music company PledgeMusic. Pledge works directly with artists and their fans to creatively build artists’ fanbases, fund their projects and help them release new music on their own.

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Ellen Fitton on Mastering the Motown Catalog

Ellen Fitton’s work on The Complete Motown Singles box set series gave her the rare opportunity to remaster every (yes every) A and B side ever released on the Motown label.

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Now Playing: “I Think of You” by Tajna Tanovic

Every once in a while, we have the privilege of working with an artist that really makes us think, “wow, she can do anything!” Such was the case when we heard one of Randy Merrill’s recent mastering projects, the self-released “I Think of You EP” by Tajna Tanović.

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