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A Conversation with Rob Mathes, Co-Producer of Sting’s Symphonicities

Rob Mathes brought Sting’s new record, Symphonicities, to Scott Hull here at Masterdisk for mastering, so we’ve had the pleasure of being able to work on this remarkable record, and also the pleasure of working with and talking to Rob, who is as gracious and humble a guy as you’ll find in the music business. On a break from his current project — producing the debut album from Glee star Matthew Morrison — Rob took some time to discuss Symphonicities.

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The Masterdisk Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen, NYC

While I’m working on a couple other stories for The Masterdisk Record I thought I’d put up a quick post about Hell’s Kitchen, the neighborhood Masterdisk calls “home”. No, it’s not a very nice name for a neighborhood, but don’t let that fool you — we’re in a pretty cool part of NYC. We’re just a block and a half away from the restaurants and hustle & bustle of the Theater District, and in the other direction we’ve got the Hudson, riverfront parks, and a few… boats.

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