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Masterdisk: Over 35 Years of Vinyl Mastering

Scott Hull of Masterdisk discusses aesthetic and technical matters relating to cutting vinyl. Masterdisk is one of only a few companies worldwide that has been continuously making masters for vinyl, with more experience cutting masters than nearly any other facility.

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Scott Hull on Mastering

Many websites have lots of information about mastering. Some take a scientific approach, some a creative approach. Both are useful, but neither tells the whole story. My mastering lies somewhere between the two.

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Randy Merrill & Masterdisk in the New York Times

Randy Merrill was quoted in an article that ran on Sunday, May 9 in the New York Times by Joseph Plambeck called “In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Steps Back”.

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We Hear More Than We’re Supposed To Hear: Mastering Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature

I’ve had the pleasure over the years of working with many great artists. Watching some of the masters of our business do what they do best. It’s been a behind the scenes look, a close up, without the cameras and public attention. In this environment you really get to see who these creative people are. One of my experiences was with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan.

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